Lintang Bedol: Mandaraya, Pinalaya


Remember Lintang Bedol?… Yes, we can call him Garci Jr. He was the COMELEC Provincial Election Supervisor in the province of Maguindanao who gained notoriety for masterminding the dagdag-bawas operations. He presented a tampered Provincial Certificate of Canvass during the National Canvassing that gave Team Unity a 12-0 victory in Maguindanao. When the opposition questioned the results, Bedol went into hiding and snubbed the summons of the COMELEC to appear and explain the irregularities and anomalies in the Maguindanao election results. He later surfaced to explain that the Municipal Certificates of Canvass which were the basis for his 12-0 COC were lost. Just like that…

The headline of today’s Philippine Inquirer (08/09/07) tells us what Bedol got for his crimes against the Filipino electorate. The COMELEC en banc handed down its decision : Bedol is guilty of indirect contempt and his sentence – 6-months imprisonment and a P1,000 fine. He is appealing the decision and is out on bail (P15,000 bail). According today’s PDI’s Editorial this is but a slap “on the wrist”.

No wonder Bedol has even the guts to tell the COMELEC that they should have charged him with election fraud so that “he could shed light on the intricacies of cheating.”

Why am I not surprised? It will not take an overly imaginative mind to discern what happened. Bedol was caught in the act… his bosses have to make a show of punishing him to satisfy the angry voters… BUT they have to take care of their own (like they did to Garci) and make sure that the “punishment” (if you can even call it that) is light enough as Bedol served them well anyway and not to scare their other election fraud operators (they still need them for the 2010 Presidential election).

Let me differ from the Inquier’s Editorial… given the gravity of his crimes against the Filipino people and our record of punishing criminals – The COMELEC’s sentence on Bedol is not even a slap  on the wrist but a reassuring PAT ON THE BACK — kami ang bahala sayo panyero.

I just wish that the Filipinos will not let the COMELEC insult our people’s collective intelligence. Let’s not let them get away with this like we did the last time with Garci.

Lets begin by giving BEDOL and the COMELEC out collective —> ,,!,,


6 Tugon

  1. i was expecting this to happen. what can u expect from comelec anyway? bunch of junkyard dogs that do dirty work for GMA’s tainted government. lecheng comelec at bedol yan.

  2. we are living in a corrupted society governed by corrupt-induced officials. let’s face it. ay, palagi naman nating hinaharap, tayo lang ang tinatakuran. hehehe.

  3. Alam mo naawa ako sa iyo Malou, kasi dapat kang mahiya sa balat mo kasi pinoy ka na dapat maging proud ka sa aming mga OFWS kung hindi sa amin matagal nang baon ang bayan natin sa hirap at baka ikaw sa lusog mo ngayon ay Palito ka na kung hindi sa amin, kaya request ko lang tumahimik ka na lang para di maapektuhan ang lahi mo na ang inaalala ko baka katulad mo rin sila, mapangmata at mapangliit, idadalangin pa rin kita na baguin ka ng Panginoon sa ugali para masara ang serye ng buhay mo dito, God bless you. And magbago kana, baka bigla kang kunin ng Panginoon ay di pa huli.

  4. pareng selvo, alam mo bang itong post mo na ito ang unang resulta pag tinaype mo ang “mandaraya” sa google? galing!

  5. //raymond// : di ko alam yun ah di ko natry.. salamat sa info tol

  6. First, there was Garci. Then Lintang (or is it lintik?) Bedol followed. Now its Comelec Chairman Benjamin Abalos himself who is in the news, and in a new controversy at that-the $329-million contract for the national broadband network (NBN)project, won by ZTE Corp., a Chinese firm.

    First, Abalos denies having helped ZTE win the NBN deal with the Philippine government, saying he didn’t have the power to broker a government-to-governrment deal. Abalos further denies having met with ZTE officials to discuss the said NBN deal.

    Comes now Finance secretary Margarito Teves, confirming on ANC television that such a meeting with ZTE officials took place, and that it was Chairman Abalos who invited him (Teves)to the said meeting. Teves even went on to confirm, contrary to Abalos’ claim, that in the said meeting, the NBN deal was discussed.

    It seems that Mr. Abalos, who is well known as an “expert” in “miscounting” votes cast during elections, has also “mastered” the art of “lying.” And through his teeth, too!

    If there is any sense of shame and delicadeza left in him, Mr. Abalos should do well to resign his post. HE IS A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY AND TO OUR PEOPLE. And the time for him to do so is NOW, if only to restore our and our people’s trust and confidence in government.

    Tama na! Sobra na! Tumigil na!

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