MALU FERNANDEZ, my blog ain’t a hate blog

I didn’t want to comment anymore on this lady, for me the fat lady already sang (pardon the pun). However, I can’t resist commenting on her apology which I find neither contrite nor sincere. Here is my take on your statement Ms. Fernandez…

Statement from Malu Fernandez on the OFW Controversy

I am humbled by the vehement and heated response provoked by my article entitled ‘From Boracay to Greece!’ which came out in the June 2007 issue of People Asia. To say that this article was not meant to malign, hurt or express prejudice against the OFWs now sounds hollow after reading through all the blogs from Filipinos all over the world. I am deeply apologetic for my insensitivity and the offensive manner in which this article was written, I hear you all and I am properly rebuked. It was truly not my intention to malign hurt or express prejudice against OFWs.

As the recent recipient and target of death threats, hate blogs, and deeply personal insults, I now truly understand the insidiousness of discrimination and prejudice disguised as humor. Our society is bound together by human chains of kindness and decency. I have failed to observe this and I am now reaping the consequences of my actions. It is my fervent hope that the lessons that Ive learned are not lost on all those who through anonymous blogs, engaged in bigotry, discrimination, and hatred ( against overweight individuals , for example )

I take full responsibility for my actions and my friends and family have nothing to do with this. To date I have submitted my resignation letters to both the Manila Standard and People Asia, on that note may this matter be laid to rest. (underscoring mine)

Mine is not a hate blog. I started my blog one month before before I posted the Mahaderang Matapobre sa OFWs. My first post was about my son Adee and my last entries were tributes to people I love ( Colors of Love and Moving on… bidding the final farewell). You can hardly call this blog a hate blog. And let me correct the ABS-CBN Interactive article Society columnist quits over OFW bashing, this blog is not a special blog created to collect reactions from OFWs. Yes, tens of thousands of people visited my blog to read about the Mahaderang Matapobre and more than a thousand left their comments on her and her articles and people made links to my post to let other people know of the issue. But NO, this blog was not created for the mahadera.

This blog is about many things – my opinions, my commentaries, about the people around me, my political beliefs and my values, to name a few. This blog is not about hate against you at all, Malu Fernandez, before you there were Gloria’s SONA and Lintang Bedol and others.

This blog is not anonymous either. There are bits and pieces of me all over this blog – my name, my face together with my son, my mother and father, links to the political party I belong to, links to my friends and many more.

Please, do not lecture us about personal insults, discrimination and bigotry. Your articles are full of those.

Nah, don’t sermon us about “chains of kindness and decency” because your writings are acutely deficient of both. And do not forget, this controversy started because of your own insults, discriminatory remarks and bigotry against people who did not do anything to you. You started the fire, do not complain about the heat now that it is cooking you.






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  2. Wooow sa lait!!!!, sobra sobra. doesn’t she realize that one of the passenger ask her “are you a domestic helper also?”…… pardon for our fellow OFW DH. But it seems that even if she had an expensive cologne she does look like a domestic helper!

  3. Please, do not lecture us about personal insults, discrimination and bigotry. Your articles are full of those.

    Nah, don’t sermon us about “chains of kindness and decency” because your writings are acutely deficient of both. And do not forget, this controversy started because of your own insults, discriminatory remarks and bigotry against people who did not do anything to you. You started the fire, do not complain about the heat now that it is cooking you.

    well said.

  4. Nakow, papatulan pa ba yan? Sabihin mo OO hate blog to dedicated only for her. pasalamat cya at death threats lang ang nare-rcvd nya at hindi cya tinituluyan na lechonin. saka cya lang ang na discriminate sa kababuyan nya dahil cya lang naman ang issue, walang na iba. bwiset cya!!!

  5. “You started the fire, do not complain about the heat now that it is cooking you”

    I agree. Wrote the same message as a comment in another blog and the blog owner tried to mock me. After I replied, she revised her reply and it now appears a little “educated”. Realizing that her revised reply was insufficient, my comment was deleted and I was charged for trying to incite more anger. Tsk tsk.. Later found out that she works for…

  6. “But it seems that even if she had an expensive cologne she does look like a domestic helper!”

    excuse me but.. are domestic helpers generally fat and mistakenly made-up? like a wrong shade of blush-on perhaps?

    i dont think she looks like any of human beings.

    even a hippopotamus could be really insulted if ever compared to her.

  7. I go with what the others said, but only I’ll say it differently.

    Nicely put.

  8. I go with what the others said, but only I’ll say it differently.

    Nicely said.

  9. Saludo ako kay Selvo! maraming salamat pare! alam mo kung ala kang ginagawa like this..di malalaman na may mga pinoy pa lang ganun! sad to say this tayo tayong mga kabayan, kapwa eh di nagkaka-isa paano na lang tayo uunlad! mga kabayan gusto ba nating magaya sa ibang lahi na dumadami na sila hindi sa kanilang lugar pero dumadami sila sa ibang lugar? how’s that? Malu Good for you! sana marami kang natutunan sa aming mga OFW at kababayan nyo po!

  10. This suppossedly educated high-class nocturnal creature, MALOU “WANG” FERNANDEZ, is earning her bucks insulting OFWs who are sacrificing very hard for the sake of their families and at the same time contributing a big chunk of their earnings to the Philippine economy that keeps the latter afloat. She should have learnt more of her journalistic acumen in her classes – she lacks moral ascendancy and decency in the practice of her profession.

    She brags so much about her high-end toilettries – eh mabango ka nga, hindi pa rin maitatwa ang tunay mong anyo – EK EK PA RIN, to see is to believe, pare! Ms. Malou “Wang”, mind you, we can easily forget YOUR smell but not YOUR physical representation – contrary to your belief otherwise. But then, you stinks!

    Wait a second … did I say “nocturnal”, how can you reconcile that to “EK EK PA RIN”?

  11. now, u learn girl….

    don’t u dare blame other people 4 verbally attacking u ‘coz in the very 1st place u 1st ignited the fire & provoked innocent Filipinos who are sacrificing 4 their families..

    & don’t ever go thru sense of decency coz u don’t have an inch of that…freedom of speech is one of the basic human rights but u abused it when u attacked people who in one way or another haven’t caused harm to others… let me ask u, was it funny???

    from the 1st day we were molded at home up to the time we leave school it has always been taught that one of the “must-have” attributes in life is…, RESPECT…malu, just reiterating, “sense of respect”!!! where did this go? hav u missed all ur lessons in GMRC? just so u know..,Good Manners & Right Conduct.excuse my words, u haven’t justified it kse…

    i just hope ur apology is sincere..or were u just obliged because of the non-stop insults from all over the world?…ah well!!! life is a learning process… u’re now reaping the consequences of ur actions, but remember…, u started the game!!!

    to us ofw’s, life has always been fair… i’m not so sure about you…is it????

    *****//huwaaattt// ok lang yun… tinanggal ko na lang sa kabilang post kasi naka post na dito… thanks for visiting and giving your comments \\selvo\\*****

  12. i am not convinced with her way of apology until i will see her on camera saying sorry to us OFWs sincerely. kasi di ko alam kung galing ba sa kanya ang letter na yon or it’s just from someone na inutusan nya to publish it. For me I want to believe if it is in black and white with her signature legally!!!!!!!

  13. waaa… akala nya di sya mukhang domestic helper mas magaganda pa nga sa kanya mga ofw.di sya dapat manglait tingnan muna sana nya ang sarili nya sa salamin.malu,ito lang sabihin ko sau kung gaano kabango perfume mo ganun din kaamoy bulok tulad ng basura ang ugali mo.mag isipisip ka muna bago ka manglait sa kapwa mo .

  14. I’d like to forward this message from my good friend Jay Hilotin, a member of the Filipino Press Club – Dubai:


    From: Jay Hilotin
    Date: Aug 25, 2007 9:33 AM

    Ms. Malu Fernandez’s travel columns “From Boracay to Greece” (People Asia, June 2007) and “Am I being a diva? Or do you lack common sense?” (Manila Standard Online, July 30, 2007) continue to draw negative reactions from Filipinos here in the United Arab Emirates

    While we, the Filipino Press Club in the UAE, believe in press freedom and the wide latitude given to writers in expressing their conscience, we believe that Ms. Fernandez and her editors overstepped the bounds of responsibility with these stories.

    The incident recounted in her flight via Dubai to Manila in which she berated fellow Filipinos (who had already endured the misfortune of working away from their families) on board Emirates for wearing “cheap” perfumes had no significant bearing to her story.

    This particular anecdote did not provide any form of entertainment, learning opportunity or even delightful trivia to the readers. To suggest all Dubai-based OFWs smell awful because they are unable to afford expensive perfumes like the one she’s wearing is high-brow snobbery.

    It is the same snobbery stamped on the psyche of some members of the Philippine society’s elite that has caused the yawning gap between our rich and poor, and the economic exodus of which millions of us Filipinos have now become a part.

    To enlighten Ms Fernandez and her editors, Consul General Maria Theresa Taguiang from the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi cited unofficial estimates (as of December 2006, submitted to the Philippine Congress) that there are now 250,000 Filipinos in the UAE.

    Of that figure, 24 percent are professional workers, 35 percent are skilled, 24 percent unskilled and 16.89 percent household workers (housemaids, personal drivers, nannies, cooks, tutors, gardeners, among other household staff).

    More local as well as foreign companies in the UAE are employing Filipino workers because of their proficiency in English and admirable work ethics.

    A print medium that aspires for relevance in today’s competitive media world cannot hide under the skirt of press freedom for its licentiousness to insult a group of people. One’s freedom to poke her fingers begins where someone else’s nose begins.

    Ms Fernandez’s unrepentant response to the barrage of angry reactions from OFWs and their loved ones (“I obviously write for a certain target audience and if what I write offends you, just stop reading”), simply adds fuel to the fire.

    A nation like the Philippines that aspires for renewal and
    regeneration needs a responsible press with a high level of
    sensitivity to all sectors that comprise it.

    We strongly demand that the publishers of People Asia and Manila Standard Today to take full responsibility and do the right thing: give Ms Fernandez and her editors a disciplinary action and apologise to the people insulted by these articles.

    (A mutual support group of Filipino professional journalists from the print, broadcast and web-based media in the United Arab Emirates)

    Emails: jhilotin@gulfnews. com ;
    agutierrez@gulfnews .com

  15. Of all the comments and insult this individual has recieved,I think its about time we congratulated her.

    To Ms. Malu Fernandes,congratulations,your ignorance and arrogance have finally paid off,how does it feel to be one of the most hated person(next to known terrorist) in the Philippines?

    You have said in your “apology” to leave your family and friends out of this fiasco.On the contrary Ms Fernandes,your actions reflects those who are close to you,ever heard of the saying”BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHERS….” or our own native saying “KUNG ANO ANG PUNO SIYA ANG BUNGA”.

    You are the type of person who judge another by the amount of money they have.I guess when you were a child you were that spoiled brat who find it amusing to kick your maids while they were on all fours scrubbing the floor eh? Puke at them intentionally while feeding you? any of these ring a bell? Well I guess this time you finally met your match(KARMA YAN!!!).WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.


  16. tama lang na magresign na s’ya. dito ramdam namin ang sand storm parang ordinary na hangin na lang dahil kailangan magtiis para sa pamilya, ganito ang buhay ng OFW ang katutohanang sakripisyo.
    kaya para kay madam malu ibang sand storm ang napala mo ano? di bali, may pagkakataon ka pang magbago at mahalin ang tulad naming OFW.
    maraming salamat po,
    mario t.

  17. Yaan mo na sila panyero! Natural lang naman yung reaction nila e… to save face, kailangan nilang gawan ng rason yung mga nangyari. Anyway, they’re not convincing anybody… not least the OFWs (and their families and friends) who posted their comments on your blog.

    Ang guilty nga naman, imbes na magsisi, nagpapalusot pa din! sylee bulokee!

  18. Ganyan ang taong lumaki sa layaw, mas importante pa ang tatak ng pabango niya kesa sa bango ng kapwa filipino.

  19. Nong una kong mabasa ang mga e-mails, along with the attachment of her article, eh nagkibit balikat lang ako. Di ako impressed sa kanya at lalong di rin naman ako nagalit. Ala lang, isa na namang, kahungkagan ng mga kapwa natin Pilipino na napak-bilis magpadala sa silakbo ng damdamin, lalo na sa damdamin ng iba. Ganire yan eh, kung ano man ang sinulat niyang nakakabang puri sa pagkatao ng mga Pilipinong nagta-trabaho sa Middle East eh sa kanya na iyon. Kolumnista siya eh, trabaho nyang isulat ang mga bagay na napupuna niya sa paligid niya base sa sarili niyang interpretasyon. Ang me diperensya dyan eh yong Editor niya, bakit hinayaang ma-publish yong article niya knowing na more than 50% ng Overseas Contract Workers ng bansa ay naka-destino sa Mid East. Pangalawa, yong magasin na naglathala ng kanyang akda eh, para sa mayayaman at di ina-asahan ni Bb. Malu F. na makaka-abot sa mga kamay ng ordinaryong manggagawa, na maraming puwedeng paglaanan ng naipong salapi sa mas may kapararakang bagay. Ang kanyang audience ay supposedly yong mga mayayaman or so called high society readers. Hindi ko ina-alipusta ang kapasidad ng Pilipino na magbasa nga kuna anu anong babasahin bagkus sinasabi ko lang kung ano ang expected ni Malu na makakabasa ng sinulat niya. Ano ba ang gusto kong ipa-abot dito sa sinulat kong ito, una, sikat na sikat na ngayon ang bruha. Kontrobersyal sya, sensation sa lipunan ng mga manunulat at mambabasa. Sinong me kagagawan niyan, eh di yong mga taong masyadong nagpadala sa emosyon. Pinalaki nyo lang lalo ang isyu, puwede namang ipag-kibiti balikat yan dahil alang kuwenta, di nakaka-apekto ng trabaho. Ngayon, nag-resign siya, sa palagay nyo ba panalo kayo dahil napilitan syang magbitiw sa trabaho. Yan eh kung napilitan nga siya, isiping maigi, me editor siya na nagbigay ng go ahead to print her article, so me boss siya na nagpapayo at nag-uutos. Malamang pinag-resign yan sa column nya lang at pasusulatin sa ibang pahayagan o magazine na pang mayaman ulit. Naisahan na naman tuloy kayo, tiyak pangiti-ngiti iyan habang tumitipa na naman ng kung anu anong kuwento. Yang ganyang klase ng tao di marunong makaramdam ng remorse yan, di yan maantig sa pananakot at paninira. Ngayon naman para kay Bb. Malu, naturingan kang manunulat, dapat matapang at buo ang loob. Sabi nga sa libu libong e-mails na umi-ikot, Salita (Words) ang isa mga bagay na nabitawan mo na ang di mo pupuwedeng ibalik o maisoli. Parang oras din yan di maibabalik. Sa palagay mo ba, sa pagbibitiw mo sa trabaho mo at pagbibigay ng apology letter sa mga OFW ay mari-redeem mo ang sarili mo. Sa palagay mo ba yong mga taong nagdasal para maaksidente ka, mamatay ka, tumaba ng husto at kung anu ano pa ay magdadasal ulit sa Itaas na “Lord, huwag mo na pong parusahan si Malu, puwede mo na siyang papayatin, kasi nag-sorry na sya”. Sa palagay mo me mag-iisip na gumawa non. Wala. Huwag kang ngang luka luka. Dyan sa bagay na ginawa mo pinatunayan mo lang na di ka isang tunay na manunulat at di rin karapat dapat na nagsula, sa simula pa lang, nong mga akdang kinatha mo. OCW din ako, pero di ako nasaktan sa sinulat mo, bagkus natawa pa sa kamangmangan mo sa buhay. Entertaining ka sana eh, duwag ka nga lang, mayaman ka pa man din at makuneksyon, tapos mangilang ngilang e-mails pa lang umatras ka na agad. Alang paninindigan. Tse.

    *****//warren// I do not subscribe to your reasoning that people should remain about a wrong committed to a person, a group or persons and in this case a whole class of people so that it will not get undue attention and publicity. The point of raising this issue is not only to exact accountability from Malu Fernandez but make people she maligned aware of the wrong committed against them and give them a forum to air their sentiments. I respect your opinion, all I ask is respect for the opinions of others also. And please check your facts first, People Asia magazine is not a publication for the elite, in fact, it is available online and available to anyone who has access to the internet. And granting for the sake of argument that it was published for a specific target audience, it does not put it beyond the ambit public scrutiny. Exacting accountability from the writer does not mean the editors will not be held accountable also. You are not the first person to raise the point. In fact you are the last among many. \\selvo\\*****

  20. Mang Selvo,

    Maliwanag na marunong kayong managalog sa kadahilanang sinagot ninyo ang kumento ko. Datapuwat sumentro ang iyong ksagutan sa puna ko ukol sa libu libong batikos at pangugutya kay Bb. Malu na naging dahilan kung bakit siya isa na ngayong pamosong manunulat, di ninyo bingyang pansin ang mga tinuran ko laban sa kanya. Maaring ngang kulang ako sa kaalaman kung paanon na papakalat ang People Asia Magazine, madiin ko ring sinabi na mas maraming OFW na hindi magbibigay ng karampatang panahon at salapi na magbasa ng magasin na yaon. Ang mga ganyang publication ay nagsasagawa ng survey at naniniwala akong di nila inasahang mababasa ito ng maraming Pilipino, ngayon tiyak na mabili ang kanilang publication, sa kadahilanang aabangan ng lahat kung anu ano pa ang isusulat na apology letters ng editorial o buong staff ng Standard Newspaper ba iyon? So pinalakas nyo lang ang publication nila, na maari ding kahit na “Resigned” na si Malu eh puwede pa nilang bigyan ng pasahod ala Royalties ng isang kantang pinasikat. Sabi mo ang pagdidiin sa manunulat lamang ay di nangangahulgang di na mapupuna ang mga editors niya, meron na bang pinahayag na paghingi ng tawad ang mga publications nila, kung meron, tama ka na naman, kulang ako sa facts. Narinig mo na ba ang salitang “Propaganda”?

    *****//warren// propaganda? pinasikat ang publication? tingnan mo ang nangyari sa people asia online at manila standard…. binaha ng mga comments ang online edition nila… palagay mo may maeenganyong mag advertise sa kanila dahit sa publicity na yun? publications need ads… advertisers want a good image… they won’t advertise in a notorious paper \\selvo\\*****

  21. Mang Selvo,

    sa inyo na po nanggaling, binaha ng comments ang mga online or sites nila. sabi nga sa mundo ng showbiz “Publicity may it be bad or good is still publicity”. tatak na sa isipin ng mga tao ang dalawang publications na iyon. parang mga pulitiko natin, naturingang mga notorious na tao, bulgar man o tago, tinatanggap pang mamuno sa bansa. malamang sa susunod na mga eleksyon eh tatakbo pa sa isa sa mga puwesto iyang si malu fernandez, at di ako magtataka na maari pa siyang manalo, salamat sa publicity na tinanggap niya from the OFW’s, kaya ako tigil na ako sa usapang ito, dadami lang magkukumento, dadami lang makaka-kilala sa kanya… sensya na ho kung medyo na-antig ko kayo, di sinasadya, kakainis lang isipin na nagagamit lagi ang mga OFW

    *****//warren// antig? di po show biz ang mundo ng newpaper….showbiz ay pelikula at telebisyon…. newspaper? no di sya showbiz hahahaha \\selvo\\*****

  22. I read miss fernandez “apology” in its entirety and it seems she still used it to hit back at all she already hurt in the first place. That instead of a sincere apology acknowledging her callousness, she again mentioned the anonymous bloggers, the bigotry and the insults and the personal threats thrown back at her which were all the results of the heightened emotions caused by her own insensitivity and disrespect and utter discrimination in the First gosh this woman still didn’t get it…

  23. on those inaccurate bits of reportage, i believe that speaks about some of it.

    lazy reporters glossing over a lifestyle reporter, perhaps? i think this is part of what rachel khan of khanterbury tales is also miffed about? (i could be wrong, haven’t visited her blog lately.)

    cheers to you — maybe you should write to and set them straight, anyway.

  24. Mang Selvo,

    Alam kong naiintindihan nyo yong gusto kong ipa-abot, mapa showbiz man o mundo ng pahayagan. Ang publicity ay publicity pa rin diba. Paumanhin po, pero ang sabi ng Tatay ko “Ang pagtatanga-tangahan ay habit forming” delikado yan. Salitang showbiz diga’y halaw sa “Show Business” na ang ibig sabihin ay negosyo sa pag-i-entertain ng tao. At ang mga pahayagan ay di lamang medium ng pag-uulat kundi paraan din ng pag-bibigay aliw sa mga mambabasa, na siyang kategorya nong column nong babaeng kinamumuhian ninyo (ayaw ko ng banggitin ang ngalan niya’t masyado na siyang sikat – again salamat sa mga taong galit na galit sa kanya). Subukan ninyong basahing maigi ang kanyang akda, mapapansin ninyong di naman talaga niya iniyayabang ang kanyang biyahe at trabaho bagkus, kahit pa-ilan ilang pangungusap lang ang tingkol sa OFW ay may matinding laman, kinukumpara pa niya sa kung ano ang meron siya. Ibig sabihin sinadya niyang galitin ang mga taong naghihirap sa Gitnang Silangan, at sinadya niyang mapag-usapan. Ang masakit, kumagat ang karamihan sa bitag i.e. nadale ng Propaganda. At sa palagay nyo natatakot yang taong yan sa mga death threaths sa kanya at sa ka-pamilya niya, di siguro, ma-kuneksyon at maiimpluwensyang tao rin ang mga kasalamuha niyan. Ang punto ko, binigay nyo sa kanya ang hinihanap niya, KASIKATAN…

    *****//warren// you are entitled to your own opinion. thanks for sharing it. \\selvo\\*****

  25. my point exactly. sana nga lang ganyan din ang sinabi nyo dun sa nagsulat ng kasalaulaan laban sa mga OFW. di na sana siya sumikat. sigurado ako, marami sa mga nagpadala ng kumento laban dun sa babaeng yon eh kakutsaba niya. pinag-init lang nila ang ulo ng mga pinoy para lumaki ang isyu at mapag-usapan siya. sensya na ulit kung me nasagasaan sa aking pananaw.

  26. maari ngang kakutsaba niya ako, o ikaw puwede rin diba!

  27. Mr. Selvo, it is so commendable that you posted in your blog together with your comments Malu Fernandez’s article ‘From Boracay to Greece’ which is enraging to the OFW community. Two of my sisters are also OFWs, one is in Saudi Arabia and the other one is in Brunei. All is said about this bitch and her article. What I can say is that, OFWs make a diffenrence in the cyberspace. It is amazing that OFWs have such unity in fighting for their cause. With that astonishing unity, one day, OFWs will rule the world. It is right that we should not remain silent in face of evil. Such writing is malicious and insulitng, really designed to hurt or caused harm to one’s feeling. She should be sued for vexation because she really annoyed the OFW community. Associations of Journalists should discipline her for writing irresponsibly. MORE POWER TO ALL OFWs.

  28. hehehehehe rule the world ha, eh paano naman ang milyun milyong Indian Nationals at Bangladeshi. puwede rin silang mag-rule diba. oa nito kamo.


  30. hi! am a little not updated about what’s new in Philippines now.. since there’s is no TFC installed yet in our room. I read this Malu issue last week only. Of course, naasar ako coz i am in Dubai. And i am completely opposite of what she thinks pinoys in dubai (or OFWs) are.

    Like your blog.. now i know the story from start to end. And yeah.. i think sincerity is lacking from her letter..

    can i link u up po?

    *****//rhapsody// thank you po for visiting… i added you up na sa roll ko \\selvo\\*****

  31. GOODLUCK SA CAREER NIYA :)Sayang,sarap-sarap pa naman sanang matulog ng my peace of mind.

  32. basta Selvo manonood ako tomorrow sa ANC… susuportahan kita.

  33. We have not heard the last of her apparently. Her resignation was not accepted by Manila Standard Today editors and her column “Divalicous” will be back on Monday. this according to

    Maybe Manila Standard Today is capitalizing on the interest of the OFWs and their supporters in this issue. Negative publicity is still publicity afterall.

  34. what?! Manila Standard is crazy. That goes against journalistic ethics which is not to ever insult any race, beliefs, ethnicity… anything that patronizes bigotry. they’re a big freakin’ oxymoron. nobody will buy the damn thing. i won’t ever buy the damn paper anyway. how about you.

  35. Oooohhh… I just saw her article through an email forwarded to my husband (who is an OFW) and all I can say is, I have never read such an inspiring article in all of my mediocre 34 years of life. Yeah, she inspires me alright… to create my own Malu hate blog that is. Sheesh, even her apology gives me the shudders. Her blatant insincerity crawls up and down my spine like Freddy K’s nails. I’d go to the loo and do a bulimic episode but I don’t want to be accused of being as OA as she is. Besides, sayang yung tuyo, lucky me at sinangag na kinain ko kanina hahaha…

    Oh, wait, I’m not done… my personal thoughts are in brackets [:)]

    “As the recent recipient and target of death threats,[Death threats?!!! Come on people, sayang ang dollars sa pagbayad ng hired killer. Kumain na lang tayo sa Jollibee. Besides, considering her oh so ample frame, she might not live half as long…] hate blogs, and deeply personal insults [Considering the ones you so candidly and thoughtlessly dished out, nagtaka ka pa, quid pro quo ika nga], I now truly understand the insidiousness of discrimination and prejudice disguised as humor [NOT likely, once an insensitive diva, always an insentive diva, kinda like old dogs not being able to learn new tricks, leopards not changing its spots… you know, all those tired old cliches.]

    Our society is bound together by human chains of kindness and decency [You’ve at least got THAT right!] I have failed to observe this and I am now reaping the consequences of my actions [Bingo!] It is my fervent hope that the lessons that Ive learned are not lost on all those who through anonymous blogs, engaged in bigotry, discrimination, and hatred ( against overweight individuals , for example )[Duh? I don’t think we meant ALL overweight individuals… just you.]

    I take full responsibility for my actions and my friends and family have nothing to do with this. To date I have submitted my resignation letters [Hear! Hear! Finally, you’re making sense] to both the Manila Standard and People Asia, on that note may this matter be laid to rest.

    Finally, after venting my spleen. I thank the writer of this BLOG for giving me a way to release my ‘inis’. Now I can eat without having an upset stomach. And, no, I don’t think this is a hate blog. Basta.

  36. while reading all this blog…. and articles of this fat bitch….. nangigilabot ako asar at galit … my blood preassure went up to the highest…. thinking of how is this educated fat bitch can do such a thing. and wrote those fucking articles in her column to insult my fellow filipino and OFW’s (KABAYAN)…. ang kapal mo dhay….. you are worse and even stinky……. pig bitch…i ever seen in my whole life….
    siguro kung ako lang ang naksama mo sa erolplano that time… baka hindi kana nakilala ng kamaganak mo at kaibigan mo…

    you have no idea how to be an OFW… working in foreign land… working with this foreign people na hindi mo alam kung anu ang pwedeng magyari sayo…. nagtitits magtrabaho just to survive and to feed thier poor family!… are lucky bitch!…..kase you have a little money to spend!…… what this OFW need is a huge support, praise from thier filipino fellow specially kung magagaling sa mga nasa Pilipinas … not an insult coming from a poor attitude from a fat bitch like you…..

    dapat sa iyo.. EEXILE itapon ka….

  37. hello to ms malou f. ang lufet mo at ang kapal pa ng fez mo isa ka lang pangit na manunulat sa ating bansa, kahit mamahalin ang pabango mo pangit ka pa rin bwisit ka siguro ang lakas mong lumapang kasi mataba ka masyado.alm mo kahit medyo tag libog ako di sa saudi di kita papatulan ang taba mo na malabo pa ang mata mo kapal ng salamin mo bruha.

  38. di pa ako tapos sa iyo aling malou,tanong lang may nakaraan ka ba sa aming mga ofw sobra kasi ang galit mo sa amin.anyway kung sakali mang may roon ka ngang nakaraan sa amin magdusa ka kasi mukha ka namang cheap talaga ang laki ng puson mo. di kamak na magagnda ang mga kasama ko ditong pinay na ofw kumpara sa tingin ko sa iyo sabik ka sa lalaki pero sorry ka na lang di kami pumapatol sa baboy na gaya mo, dpat sa iyo sa koral ng baboy, alin at kung ako ang nakabi sa plane baka lalo kang pumangit.

  39. WUT?!?! what are they trying to ask the bloggers? control the posts of the posters? Come on.. Bakit ung nag iisang journalist (Malu Fernandez) eh hindi nila kinontrol ang pag publish ng ganung comments against the OFW.. then they want the bloggers to moderate the posts of thousands of people? Hello?!…

  40. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive Malu Fernandez. I also blogged about her and posted it here:

    I know we’ve all heard a lot of reactions about this issue but if you could find time to read my post and write a comment, I would really appreciate it.


  41. Hi, I saw this topic last month in my mails but I did not pay attention to it. Today, I visited the links… someone is makes you really boil…your BP will suddenlly go up…until you vomit….

    It is really obvious that she is not thinking….or she is really rude…
    She is rich and working for “rich people’s magazine” so what? in actual fact, as a filipinio she should carry our country and people..she should make use of her position to give good image to our country and people.

    Malu, yes you are a critic…who passes judgement..but surely you should know how to do it constructive when it involves our country and countrymen….

    You love visiting other countries…do yu realize that you are also an alien upon reaching every country? and mabe they are having the same judgement to “YOU” because you are from Manila….

    Why you belittle the OFW? ALL of them are professionals…in fact MOST of the domestic helpers are……..Being OFW, whatever category they belongs…engineer, skilled, nurse, maid or what ever they are the same…the only thing is one step ahead of the other…but whats the big deal??? why???? WHO ARE YOU???? are you better than them????? because you are rich?????? whats the difference, they can EAT what you’re eating…when it comes to toilet, also the same “TAE”….so what are you proud off?

    Dont be too high hat…tsaying you only check in in 5 star hotels, wearing branded perfumes and make-up….but in spite of that you are mistakenly approach as a maid…it its clearly shows that “you are trying to fit in” as a socialite???!!!! …….you dont know if these OFW’s have bigger balance in their bank than yours.

    You keep on saying your are always with your friend…does your expenditure from your own pocket????!!!!!! or from your friend?????

    You know…you are right…. you’re in hell….because ngayon buhay ka pa…sinusunog na sa impierno kaluluwa mo!!!!!!!!!

  42. Intolerance and bigotry by Malu Fernandez is sadly a reflection of many elitist Filipinos: it’s the old ‘Conquistador’ mentality still very much thriving among rich mestizos, back home and abroad.

    Thomas Jefferson once stated that, “Bigotry is the disease of ignorance, of morbid minds; enthusiasm of the free and buoyant. education and free discussion are the antidotes of both.”

    Sadly, based on many entries here, some OFWs are just as willing to stoop as low as Malu had stooped down to the level of an ignorant, petulant chauvinist Filipinos. Does it really make us feel good about ourselves to act like lynch mobs?

    I am pleading to all fellow OFWs to take the high road. DO discuss and express your anger, but DO NOT hit people below the belt. Otherwise, you will be just as guilty as Malu Fernandez.

    Remember, “What Peter says about Paul, says more ABOUT PETER than Paul.” Simply put, what you write or say is a reflection of yourself and your values than of the person you are writing/talking about.

  43. Mr. Warren, Mr. Selvo is absolutely right. You are entitled to your own opinion and your also damn right that this fat lady became an instant famous. And my opinion is, she is entitled to be included in one leachon menu. Since you think she is “sikat” why not open your own leachon business and name it “Malou’s Leachon”. Doon sya nababagay kasama ng mga nagbabagang uling at di mga OFWs. Kasi kahit sa impyerno baka isuka din siya ng mga residente dun.

  44. Regards just for this submit

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