Christmas Wishes: Children of Tomorrow

Whooaaaa time really flies… Christmas is just around the corner and I didn’t even realize it until I was reminded (read: tagged) by Tintin Sendy that it was time to make my Christmas wishes. Christmas has always been the happiest season during my childhood. It was a season of abundance, of new clothes and toys, of candies, sweets and food, of visiting relatives and friends. Christmas was a time for seemingly endless celebrations and parties. Christmas was indeed merry when I was a kid.

But Christmas gradually lost its magic as I begin to grow up. Times have become more difficult for my family.Food, clothes, toys and candies have gradually slipped beyond our reach. Then I realized that we were not alone, that other families too are facing hard times and some have even more difficulties than my family. Stripped of funfare and other external and material manisfestations of the Christmas season, one is left pondering the real meaning of Christmas. The more hardships we face, the more we realize the need to SHARE. Stripped of all the fancy celebrations of the season and faced with the direness of the lives of those around us, we realize that we need to share HOPE to each other. The less material gifts we can give, the more we realize the LOVE is a more meaningful gift for Christmas. Stripped of the commercial and material colors of Christmas, we come face to face with the meaning of Christ’s birth — that of Sharing, Hope and Love.

And among us, who would know the truest meanings of the words Sharing, Hope and Love but the children amidst us. For them i dedicate this song from Noel Cabangon – Children of Tomorrow:

This Christmas, I wish:

1. For my family, the may we get together again to be with our Mom who will be spending her 3rd Christmas without our Dad;

2. For my son Adee, that he may have all his Christmas wishes granted as all children deserve to be;

3. For my Mom, that she may find joy in being with us her children and grandchildren and may she feel Dad’s presence in us;

4. For my beloved Fay, who has been celebrating Christmas without me that she too will feel my love this Chistmas and may she enjoy the company of her Mom;

5. For the Filipinos working abroad who will spend Christmas away from their families, my relatives and friends, blog mates and chat mates and the millions of faceless and nameless Pinoys abroad that may the warmth of the love and affection of their families and loved ones stretch across the oceans and continents to reach them and fill their longing hearts with love;

6. For OFW’s who are fortunate to be able to come home this Christmas, that they may be able to enjoy the kisses and embraces of their loved ones and may they be able to make up for the absence through the years;

7. For my friend Leslie, who will be having Christmas away from a loved one, that may they find happiness, love, warmth and comfort in the hope that one day they will be together;

8. For my inaanak Katherine that may she have her wish of celebrating Christmas with Richard in Netherlands;

9. For my friend Maru, that may she have a wonderful Christmas with her kids and her family and may she find the courage to finally meet her loved one whoever it may be;

10. And finally for the people I will tag – Jojie, Chuvaness, Nica, Annie, Kiko, JeanGrey, Ann, Jon Cabron, Jovi, and Trish – that they may find love, friendship and meaning in all the struggles they face in life. May they have the strength and courage to sail on with life.


11 Tugon

  1. waaaaa.touch ako.salamat ninong…sana nga magkasama na kmi.

  2. yawa ka! yawaaaaaaaaaaa! bwahaha! i-erase mo yannnnnn! hmp!

  3. […] pwede mo na isama sa wishlist mo yang red lappie na type mo baka may magbigay… who knows! ), fafa selvo (sali kita sa tag… oopss may sagot na! thanks sa prayers kuya.. kakatouch naman […]

  4. The earlier the wishes, the greater chances they have of being fulfilled.

  5. parekoy, medyo madelay ng kaunti ang tag mo sa’kin ha. 😀 thank you at kasama naman ako sa wishes mo this christmas… pero… sana pinera mo na lang.. nyahahahaha!

  6. kakaiyak naman.. i miss my family.. waaaaaaaaaaahhh!!

  7. Advance Merry Christmas Ka Selvo! 🙂

  8. […] pingbacks*tags*atbp At dahil sa kasama ako sa Christmas Wishlist ni parekoy Selvo at the same time kasama na din ang tag chovarloo, wala akong magagawa kundi ang sumunod. Magpanggap […]

  9. ngayon ko lang nabasa to, thanks at nakasama pala ako sa wishlist mo 🙂 Merry Christmas kuya!

  10. […] I think this is one of the few overdue meme na nakapila para gawin ko. I’ve been tagged by Kuya Selvo about my Christmas Wishlist. Since malapit naman na ang Pasko, here’s my […]

  11. […] mo yang red lappie na type mo baka may magbigay… who knows! baka lahat ng colors pa! LOL ), fafa selvo (sali kita sa tag… oopss may sagot na! thanks sa prayers kuya.. kakatouch naman […]

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