Early this year, when the people of Pampanga were left with choosing between a candidate who has lorded it over the illegal gambling game in the province and a candidate who has made money out of squeezing bribes from the quarry operations, an unlikely politician risked everything, including his life to give the Kapampangans an alternative. While his opponents wallowed in a seemingly bottomless war chest, his penniless campaign relied on the generosity of the people who wanted to see a change in Kapampangan politics. Faced with the goons and guns that his opponents unleashed to ensure victory by all means, he put his faith in the courage of the Kampampangans and their thirst for reforms to ensure his security. Neither guns, goons and gold prevailed over the courage and generosity of the Kapampangans, they wanted a change in the reins of governance so much that most of them were not tempted by the glitter of gold nor were they cowed at the sight of guns and goons.   when the last of the votes were counted, AMONG ED PANLILIO emerged victor over the gambling lord and the quarry lord. David prevailed over the Goliaths.

Two weeks ago, he faced his first test of character as a politician. The neophyte governor and greenhorn politician received a paper bag containing P500,000 in cash in Malakanyang. He was tolf that it was for his province’s barangay projects, but he smelled something else. Faced with the choice between keeping quiet (and keeping the money) or coming out and exposing the scam and flirt with the ire of the highest and the most powerful official of the land, he chose to let the public know. His expose not only made public the attempt to buy the loyalty of local government officials, it exposed to the public’s eyes the practice which everyone else already accepts as NORMAL and NATURAL.

Many will consider his action as quixotic, I consider it worthy of a PALABAN AWARD


Among Ed Panlilio

AMONG ED PANLILIO, Governor of Pampanga



“National unity, the rule of law, justice with accountability” are what she claims as her reasons for granting pardon to Erap Estrada.  I have  never seen  these words twisted so horrendously to be used to hide the motives behind this Presidential Pardon. A plunderer was exculpated by a muh bigger plunderer. May she face what these words really stand for: may the nation be united and as one enforce the rule of law to exact from her the accountability for her crimes against the Filipino people. May justice prevail.

Meanwhile, I will recognize her for what she is – FULL OF SH!T – deserving of the MALABANAN AWARD


GLORIA MACAPAL-ARROYO, Cheating President of the Republic of the Philippines 


8 Tugon

  1. Congratulations to all the winners! O yung isa jan 60 days to go, hayan na ang delubyo hehehehe

    *****Ambo anong delubyo? ecstatic yan na malaki ang kickback… kaso nabuko hehehe*****

  2. Haruuu… haydol ko talaga hiyang si Hamong Hed Panlilio!!! Mabu-ay! Ip-Ip-Oooorey!!!! 🙂

    *****panyero baka gawin ka na nyang Onorary Kabalen hehehe sabagay appy ang food nila. Hasahan natin si Hamong Hed na magpatino sa palakad ng kanilang probinsya****

  3. Ibig sabihin kung mamarapatin ng panahon, malapit ng maging labandera si GLoria hehehehe

    *****naglalaba na sya ngayon ah…. dami na nyang WHITE WASH na ginagawa…*****

  4. Hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na si Among Ed na ang governor ng Pampanga. Akala ko dati, hindi siya mananalo kasi mga big time politicians ang mga kalaban niya.

    *****noong tumakbo sya, he was a virtual unknown nationally. people dismissed his candidacy as quixotic… suntok sa buwan… not until people saw Kapampangans gravitating to him and his crusade against corruption and malgovernance.among Ed did one over David, he slew 2 Goliaths*****

  5. sabi ng tita ko na nagttrabaho sa america, mahihirapan na daw talaga bumangon ang pilipinas kahit sinong presidente pa ang ilagay.. but seeing gloria arroyo’s face everyday, im starting to believe my aunt.. mas grabe pa siguro, sa tingin ko.

  6. among ed, i’m so proud of you.. sana this is the start of something new. sana all would be like him, not selfcentered and not afraid to show bad things of our government. Hindi natin kailangan ng matalino at mayaman na leader, we need a leader who have a real desire to change and improve ing kabalen tamu. saludu ku keka…

  7. Among Ed for President! Among Ed for President!! Among Ed for President!!! “Good vs. Evil” na dapat ang labanan para magkaalaman na — kanino ka kampi, sa tao ng Diyos o sa mga kampon ng Diablo? SAGOT!

  8. I am linking this post at Campaign Supporting Good Governance in Pampanga at Pedestrian Observer.

    Join Bloggers Supporting Among Ed’s Good Governance Campaign! Among Ed needs your support! Show your support through your blog rejecting the moral degeneration of patronage and personality politics. The picture on the left of the blog entry can be downloaded and our official campaign image courtesy of Lito Basilio so you post the picture for your blog entry. Email or post a message Pedestrian Observer so I can link your blog entry to the campaign. Use Technorati tag Bloggers for Fr. Ed Panlilio.

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