Am I paranoid?

I was surfing the online news sites the other night when I came across this breaking news report at which tells the story of a shootout between the police and a group of suspected Abu Sayyaf members (3 Suspected Abu Sayyaf Killed). The news article reports about the raid that the PNP conducted in a house in Payatas where they recovered “physical evidence” linked to the Batasan bombing early this week.


The police claims that thanks to the P5M reward that the government promised to anyone who will give them information that will lead to the solving of the Batasan bombing, they received a tip which was the basis of their raid.


The police killed 3 Abu Sayyaf members (suspects as they call them) including a woman. The fatalities were Pakir Said alias Abu Jandal, Redwan Idaman and his wife Saing. They arrested 3 other suspects namely Ikram Indana, Khaidar Awnal and Adham Kusain. These people – the fatalities and the arrested suspects – were linked to former Basilan Representative Jerry Salapudin.


They recovered from the house the deed of sale of the motorcycle the police believed to be the one bearing the bomb and several other items: nine cellular phones, a shirt and jacket bearing the House logo; several identification and ATM cards, photographs and notebooks; and the calling cards of Salapuddin. The police also claim to have recovered various components of an improvised explosive device.


Based on their investigation the PNP declared the House blast ‘solved but not closed’ yesterday.


Do you find anything wrong with the picture?


On what basis did the police brand those who were killed and those arrested members of the Abu Sayyaf? Because they bear Muslim names? Because they were Muslims? Because Pakir Said is being accused of kidnapping and serious illegal detention? How I wish the three can personally confirm or deny that they are Abu Sayyaf members. Well, they can’t, they are conveniently dead.


What about the deed of sale of the motorcycle the police say has been used in the bombing which they recovered from the residence? Hmmm, the police have painted a picture of the suspected bombers as professionals – the kind of explosive device that was used, the location of the bomb which they say really indicated that Wahab Akbar was the target. But if these are professionals, why would they use a documented motorcycle? Is it a common practice among the professional bombers to execute a deed of sale for a vehicle that they would use in a bombing mission? And granting that they were stupid enough to execute one, is it the practice of professional bombers to keep these documents in their possession? Can these suspects please explain why the police recovered such documents in their residence? I wish they can, but uhmmm, they can’t. They are conveniently dead.


The police say that the “case is solved but not closed.” Is it just me? Am i just paranoid? Do you have the feeling that something is wrong with the picture?


Just asking po.


5 Tugon

  1. convenience is vry hard 2 find ds days ..d police r vry lucky to hv their suspects “conveniently dead” 🙂 (bk nkakuha ng suspects sa 7-11 😀 )

  2. ewan ko ba, sa laki ng kapraningan ng kapulisan at gobyerno natin sa terorismo nung gusto nilang ipasa ang HSA, bakit ba ngayon, e within hours of the blast, nagkukumahog silang iclaim na assassination attempt?

    kung rubout yan o kuratong baleleng part 2, hindi ako magugulat. hay naku. nahahawa na ang mga pulis sa sense of impunity ng amo nila sa malakanyang.

  3. ako din paranoid. sana ayusin nila yan.

  4. Naku naman e halata namang nagpapa-impress lang yang mga yan kaya hayun kung sino na lang madampot masabi lang tapos na ang kaso. Huwaaaat!

  5. its always been like that naman di ba? they always find ways para sabihing may ginagawa/nagawa sila even in the expense of innocent people…ang masama pa nyan ay totally pinapatahimik nila ang sinasabi nilang suspects para wala ng makapiyok..tusong matsing!

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