The Price of Impunity

Over the past three years, we have witnessed how this administration imposed its will and its self-serving designs without regard for the law, morals and simple delicadeza. We have witnessed how it used its sheer number to drown and silence witnesses that would discredit the administration in any investigation that its co-equal branch of government – the legislature – throws its way. When pinned down in a corner, this administration impose its silence behind the cloak of executive privilege. Whoever do not bend with bribes are silences with threats and bullets. Protests are met with truncheons, teargas and guns. Oppositions are met with counter charges. We have seen how despite international condemnation, political activists continue to mysteriously disappear and murdered. We have experienced how this administration use to the max the coercive arm of the State – the military and police.

Shameless disregard of what is lawful and morally acceptable projected the air of invulnerability and invincibility. BUT it developed among the people the belief that this administration will not spare anything, will not cringe at using any method to ensure its survival. Do you wonder why every time a scandal erupts we somehow doubt that we will get near the truth, or even if we do hit the heart of the scandal, the administration will somehow get away with it?

Today calls for an independent investigation on the Batasan bombing were aired despite the claim of the police that they have solved the bombing and are holding the suspects in custody. The PNP’s announcement that the bombing was solved was met not with applause at the speed and efficiency of their response, it was met with raised eyebrows and questions about the credibility and integrity of their investigation.

Many people wonder how come the police were so swift this time around. Announcing that the bombing was an assassination a few hours after the incident, raiding and killing and arresting suspects and getting all the evidence they need in solving the bombing in record time.

Do you you wonder why Malakanyang wasted no time in clearing former Basilan representative and erstwhile Malakanyang ally Rep. Salapudin despite the PNP’s conclusion that Wahab Akbar was the sole target of the bombing and the perpetrators were most likely his political rivals?

While people wonder in disbelief, the subtle message has again been delivered in the strongest possible terms. Take a good look at the picture below.

foto op

Do you see a WHITE FLAG waving?


3 Tugon

  1. do we hv a “better alternative”? minsan kc, kakasawa na din, agad agad pinalitan c erap by mass revolt, alang konsti konstitusyon. luk kung san tau bumagsak? san ba makaka tanaw ng pag asa? paki turo nga ng dun ako tumanaw please… (parang hopeless na 😦 ) give me hope 😀

  2. a line from a Bob Marley song comes to mind… “everyday the bucket goes to the well… one day the bottom will drop out…”

    apparently, this is the Jamaican version of “pag puno na ang salop, dapat nang kalusin”

    When will be the Philippines’ time of reckoning? When will the bottom of our collective patience’ bucket drop out? Kelan magaganap ang kalusan?

    Malapit na, i’d like to think 🙂

  3. i am hurting 😦 sana nga malapit na.

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