Il Postino

Poetry doesn't belong to those who write it, but those who need it.

These aren’t my words, its a line from the script of Il Postino – an Italian language movie that was released in 1994. One of the first gifts Fay gave me was a book of poems by Pablo Neruda – Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair. I wasn’t much of a lover of poetry and I still do not consider myself one now. But I do not know why Pablo Neruda’s poems touch a sensitive part of my heart.

il postino soundtrack

I cannot count how many nights the poems in Il Postino’s soundtrack accompanied me in my moments of solitude and melancholy. Kapag madrama ang gabi ko, I would just listen to the soundtrack which includes Neruda poems being read by personalities like Sting, Madonna, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts and others.

il postino

Last Friday, Fay and I watched the movie in UP. Honestly, my taste for movies is not really that sophisticated. Inaantok ako sa mga films na kahit award-winning at critically acclaimed pero walang action at putukan. Usually di pa kalahati ng film ay natutulog na ako. But Il Postino was an exception, it did not only keep awake, the movie overwhelmed me. It was light as it was deep, funny, happy and sad.

The plot was quite simple. It was a fictional story about the friendship between Mario Ruoppolo, a fisherman’s son turned postman and Pablo Neruda who was exiled in Mario’s home island in Sicily. It was a story of a friendship of a very humble person and a besieged popular icon. For me it was a story of how a humble and lowly person can do great things for a friend and how a great and popular person can be humbled by such a friend.

Here is a poem from the Il Postino Sountrack:

Tonight I can Write the Saddest Lines
by Pablo Neruda / Read by Andy Garcia

And finally here is an excerpt of a tribute to Pablo Neruda and his poetry:



12 Tugon

  1. nice πŸ™‚

    *****wow woman of few words… hmmm one word pala :P*****

  2. “Poetry doesn’t belong to those who write it, but those who need it.”- this is the justification of Mario when he stole some of Neruda’s poem in an effort to win beatrice’s heart, which i think is true enough.

    *****actually natawa ko nung humirit si Mario ng linyang yan hahaha natameme tuloy ang Pablo. Touching ang simplicity nya no?****

  3. i have always loved pablo neruda’s poetry. il postino’s a really good, heartwarming film. saka, panong di mo magugustuhan to, bukod sa poetry, ang ganda pa ng music, dagdagan mo pa ng tunog ng dagat. πŸ˜€

    *****nagustuhan ko ng simplicity ng plot saka maganda nga yung kwento at ang setting and yes the music was equally heartwarming. wow its nice to meet kindred neruda fans:)*****

  4. Neruda is a part of me. I love him through his poetry. I love him in a special way. Have you read this poem:

    ***** hmmm yup. nasa il postino soundtrack din yan.*****

  5. teka nga, mahalungkat nga yang sinasabi mong yan… πŸ˜€ i love poetry pero parang di ko pa sya nakakasalamuha.

    *****try mo tong site na to kengky anjan ang most if not all of the poems sa il postino soundtrack****

  6. tawang-tawa ako dun sa “nuda” poem na ginamit na panligaw ni mario kay beatrice… ipinabasa pa nung lola sa pare. hehehehe (pinagpawisan tuloy yung pobre)

    *****kala tuloy ni tiya ay nadisgrasya na ang pamangkin sa matatalas na salita hehehe*****

  7. god. i love this movie.

    may copy ka ba nung hollywood celebs na nagbabasa ng poems ni neruda?


    meron po πŸ˜€ yang nilagay kong link s comment ni kengkay may madodownload jan na laman nung album na yun :D*****

  8. (pahabol)
    ay ilagay ko daw, sabi nung nagbigay na may nagbigay sakin ng book na collection of neruda poems hehe

    *****wow… pahiram nga photocopy ko lang hehehe*****

  9. i bloghopped from meeya, delurking lang. πŸ™‚

    i love il postino, pati na rin si pablo neruda. thanks for the link to the album.

  10. uy parekoy may napanood akong italian movie maganda try mo din baka magustuhan mo. “Life Is Beautiful” si Roberto Benigni yata yung actor.

  11. wow..great books.. no wonder you are such a poetic writer…
    ayan, napa-engles tuloy ako…bisita ka sa baging bahay ko pareng πŸ˜€

  12. off topic:

    I think you are writing your new entry na. There is a new scoop. *giggles*

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