Sumilao Farmers hit the Headline

Today’s Philippine Daily Inquirer headline says: Church backs the farmers


Their story deserves to be heard. Let the nation know of their plight, their perseverance, their journey and the injustice that they seek to redress. Their story needs to be told so that the people will know what made them make this very long journey on foot. They have arrived and let their story by heard.

Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, in his homily said that in any conflict between the rich and the poor, the rich always has the advantage. It is about time that the LAW SHOULD BE BENT IN FAVOR OF THE POOR the good Cardinal said. He requested the Sumilao farmers to take his letter addressed to Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. I personally think that this is a brilliant tactic from the Cardinal who had been the Archbishop of Malayabalay, Bukidnon for 11 years. By making them take his letter to the President, the ball is now in the hands of Malakanyang – stop the Sumilao farmers then they are stopping the messengers of the good Cardinal. Snob the Sumilao farmers and Gloria will be turning her back on the good Cardinal.

I have not been to church for a long time now. Last night’s Mass was very meaningful. At last, the church is taking the side of the poor. I find the Cardinal’s “bend the law in favor of the poor” message strong and clear. I don’t think government needs to bend the law… it only needs to IMPLEMENT the law and surely it will be in favor of the Sumilao farmers.


6 Tugon

  1. tapos biglang hihiritan sila ng San Miguel Corporation (na nakakuha ng kontrata na magtayo ng BABUYAN sa lupa ng mga Sumilao farmers) na “look at the bigger picture”… ang kakapal ng mukha nila. mga ganid na korporasyon! if only because of this, ibo-boycott ko na kahit red horse (magba-brandy na lang ako!)

    -oo nga naman! Makamit na sana nila yung matagal na nilang inaasam.. Hanga talaga ako sa kanila… Pinagdadasal ko pa rin na magtagumpay sila…

  3. Hay! Pinag dadasal ko talaga na panigan sila ng Gobyerno once and for all. They deserve it.

  4. Sana naman maibigay sa kanila yung kahilingan nila. Bumait sana ng konti ngayong pasko si you know who at pakinggan niya ang kahilingan ng mga Sumilao Farmers.

  5. I know maibibigay sa kanila ang dapat na para sa kanila. i know justice will prevail. Brod Selvo visit mo ang multiply account nila

    Kaisa ako sa kanilang pinaglalaban!

  6. halu.. napadaan lang!!! aba buti naman my ganitong nagbloblog para sa mga kapatid na farmers na may mga hinaing.. sana tlaga ibigay na ang dapat sa knila at tumulong ang gobyerno sa ipinagsusulong nila…

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