Broken Promise?

Will this be another one of government’s broken promises?

Nobody believes that government will be true to its word. Government, especially Gloria’s government, has broken too many promises, uttered too many lies for people to believe any word government says. If government reneges on its promise to the Sumilao farmer, would this be the end of their dream of owning a piece of land?

I DO NOT BELIEVE SO. Not because I believe that Gloria is true to her word. On the contrary I believe Gloria just wanted a way out of a very sensitive situation. I do not believe that the dreams and hopes of the Sumilao farmers solely lie in the hands of government.

I DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS GOING TO BE THE END OF THEIR DREAM. Dreams don’t die too easily on a people who have shown the nation they can weather any storm, survive any hardship, withstand betrayals and bad faith. Every blow thrown against them only makes their will and resolve to fight and struggle on stronger.

I share their dream. I will share in their struggle. I will struggle beside them.

The waiting ends today. We have waited for a month. The government did nothing for a month. How many hectares have we lost to the illegal construction after a month? How much longer do we wait. Today we stop waiting. Today, we begin our walk anew.

Last time, we walked from our homes to the halls of power in Malacañang to knock at the hearts and conscience of the powerful. It appears they will not use even an ounce of their power to make good their promise of returning us to our land. Today, we begin walking the opposite direction. We will walk to the homes of the people beginning with the young in their schools, then to the faithful in their Churches. We will knock at the hearts and conscience of the ordinary people as we continue to knock on those of the powerful. We will walk on and on until our steps will lead us back to our homes to till the land that is rightly and justly ours.

We will walk with our faith intact. We will continue to walk the way of peace with the Church, its leaders, clergy and the faithful beside us. We continue to walk to soften the hearts of the rich and powerful, we will walk to strengthen the will of the just and the faithful.

Today we resume the Walk for Land, and Walk for Justice. We will not stop until our land is returned to us. We will continue walking until justice is ours.

17 January 2008 / Arzobispado de Manila, Intramuros

video from: balatucan615


2 Tugon

  1. emosyon daw? n2ral na inde dpt kung emosyon lang.. ang gobyerno p b natin ang madadaan sa emotional blackmail ? ( eh obyus na wala nga di ba??? )

    at di din namn kukuha ng suporta kung emosyon lang dahil alam nmn ng mga sumusuporta na kung ganun lang yun, mas malaking problema yun dahil lahat na lang ng may gugustuhin eh dadaanin na lng sa emotional blackmail..

    pero inde nga eh, hustisya nga ang pinag uusapan at di kapritso lang, inde tatagal ang laban at di dadami ang susuporta kung emosyon lang!!! (amf cno b yun )

    ***** Tama ka talaga lagi Miney… malakas ang kanilang kaso as in malakas. Siyempre dahil inapi may emosyon. Sino ba naman ang hindi magalit, malungkot, maiyak sa ginawa sa kanila at matuwa, mamangha at maiyak uli sa ginawa nilang mga sakripisyo? Sabi nga ni Cardinal Rosales ” This is a question of justice. Development, profit and employment cannot be built on an injustice.” Amen

    P.S. : dahil magaling ka talaga.. ppwede ba ikaw palahian?

  2. When will madame ever learn? she is already notorious for being a liar. wala na atang totoo na lumalabas sa bibig nyan eh!

    To be honest she really looks stupid on tv. She has zero credibility. wala nang nakikinig sa kanya. so sad that she will leave her legacy as the most insincere president of all time.

    The sumilao farmers have suffered so much already. Por jos por santo, yan lang ang kayamanan ng mga magsasaka, ang kanilang lupa. talaga atang manhid na yan.

    nagpupuyos talaga ako sa galit. Di na nga ako nanonood ng balita dahil sa asar ko sa pagmumukha nyan at sa mga alipores nya. (*&^%$#&*&^#!!.

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