Is it worth it Mr. Jun Lozada?

I had been following the developments in the NBN scandal ever since it exploded in the face of Malakanyang last year. I was hopeful that Romy Neri would bare what he knows. I was frustrated when he chose to hide beneath GMA’s protective shield. I was almost ready to give up the NBN scam as one of the scandals GMA survived and was convincing myself that the mothballing of the deal was good enough. But that was before Jun Lozada came out.

Dear Jun Lozada,

You thought that you could fool the system, didn’t you? You thought that a decent man can survive and find enough room to remain decent in a corrupt system that is highly contagious. You thought that there are levels of corruption that you can accept. And you underestimated the greed of your superiors.

You found out you were flatly wrong didn’t you? The system that you thought you can fool by your intelligence sucked you in inch by inch. You even got involved in some of the “acceptable level” thievery didn’t you? You found yourself suddenly having justifications for corruption that you thought were petty. You found out that its the system that fooled you after all. You were willing to compromise your decency and you were even willing to keep quiet about the scandalous greed that you let pass.

You were wrong Mr. Lozada. In a country like ours, greed knows no bounds. In a country like ours, the greedy do not let witnesses live. And they can get away with murder. You almost perished sir. The goons who were out to silence you almost succeeded. When will they ever learn that scaring a person to death will not keep him silent. Scaring a person to death will only make him desperate and willing to tell the truth and seek the protection of the decent. They always forget that absolute fear sometimes begets courage. They forget that in the face of death a person finds his own decency.

You took the risk Mr. Lozada. You will be praised and admired for that. People will protect you. But for how long? The collective memory of the Filipino people is much shorter than the memories of the vengeful and the corrupt. Soon enough the attention on your revelations will die down. People will stop caring. They will cease to be shocked at the enormity of the corruption that you have spilled out. Sooner or later the people will go back to their normal lives. But would your life be ever normal again? Not while the greedy remain free. Not while the greedy remain in power.

It would have been easy to remain silent. Wrestling with your conscience for life would have been easier that looking behind your back for life. The enormous wealth of the greedy would have given you the protection you need. Yet you chose to be decent, you chose the protection of the truth and the haven of the flimsy public.

Thank you Mr. Jun Lozada. While there are persons like you who will make the difficult choices that you did, there is hope. I just hope that your revelations will feed the fire in the hearts of the people. I just hope that your courage will inspire them to resist and fight. Then it will be all worth it.


8 Tugon

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. d filipino is worth dying for daw di ba? pero we r worth living for din, sana we can all enjoy being a filipino alive and be proud without being 6 feet under…

    *****sabi nga nya the Filipino does not mean just one family, but the whole nation and the Filipinos are worth taking the risks for. These are not his exact words though.*****

  3. yes there is hope. i believe that what we are seeing right now is only the beginning. more and more people will stand up for righteousness and justice instead of being silent. martin luther king jr wrote “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

    *****yeah maybe there is hope. kaso, magigising pa ba ang pinoy…. what will it take for the pinoys to say enough.*****

  4. i feel for mr. lozada. naawa din ako sa family niya na nawalan na ng katahimikan.

    *****mahirap na di mag-emphatize sa kanya. he comes across as someone who is sincere. even his confessions are sincere. he is not exactly a hero. di naman nya pinili ang magsalita napilitan lang syang magsalita dahil sa panggigipit.*****

  5. aside from the possibility that lozada’s bold step will not bring about real change is the fear that his revelation will just worsen the people’s permissiveness.

    if nothing can be done now, a 40% kickback will soon become the norm. 😦

  6. I’ve watched the whole senate hearing last monday and all i can say is, mr. lozada is just reaffirming the age old problem of our country which is graft and corruption. There is nothing new in this story. I just commend Mr. Lozada for coming out. To affirm the government’s corruption and testify about it is a very brave thing to do. But it all boils down to the problem, the systemic corruption. PGMA, FG, Abalos, they are not the only problems of this country, its the corruption that has been rooted in the society. I hope a new leader will come out, one that will not be sucked in by the system like Mr. Lozada. I’m glad he broke free from the black hole before it sucked him in entirely. There is good left in this world.

  7. My only worry is that Mr. Lozada would wind up like Chavit Singson.

    Just the same, you gotta hand it to him for his bravery…even if I’m cynical of more concerted moves aimed at “ousting GMA”…

  8. “In a country like ours, the greedy do not let witnesses live. And they can get away with murder. You almost perished sir.'”

    amen to that…we now live in a country where greed prevails and concern can be hardly felt. i really feel sorry for all the filipinos. we are now suffering from confusion caused by people who are trying so hard to defend themselves and clean the mess that they once made.

    they will try to hide the truth by hook or by crook…yes. jun lozada might be next.

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