Missing people’s dragon

Matanda na ako. Naabutan ko pa ang buntot ng martial law years. I have seen how one lawyer (among many) fought the Marcos dictatorship, championed the rights of the persecuted and spoke boldly against corruption and against. He championed and lawyered for those being targeted by the dictatorship then. I admired him a lot.

After the fall of the Marcos regime, he became executive secretary to Cory Aquino. He was a sort of disappointment for he argued in favor of the retentiion of the US military bases and he opposed the passage of the agrarian reform law under the Revolutionary Constitution. I was disappointed but my admiration for him did not waver.

He ran as Senator as an independent. And independent he was. He refused to use his pork barrel and ran after the corrupt in government. When he used the People’s Dragon as his campaign tag, it appeared so natural. PAG BAD KA LAGOT KA, UBUSIN ANG MGA CORRUPT! yan ang mga campaign lines that really depicted his character and record as a stateman. He caught the imagination of the people and captured their hearts. In a government where corruption is considered normal and standard, where human rights and democratic freedom is treated as mere decorations that can be discarded and sacrificed for the sake of political survival, the people need their PEOPLE’s DRAGON.

people’s dragonubusin ang corrupt

I thought the ZTE scam, one of the biggest if not the worst scam ever, was one of the causes that the People’s Dragon will actively and aggressively pursue. UUBUSIN daw ANG MGA CORRUPT eh. But sadly the People’s Dragon is nowhere to be found in the Senate. I wondered where he went. I missed his fire, I missed his intelligence. I missed his fiery passion against the corrupt and the abusers of power.

I miss thePeople’s Dragon in the Senate hearings, we only see the JOKER.



3 Tugon

  1. talking about saving their own asses

  2. panyero, based sa mga fantasy stories tungkol sa dragon, kalimitan daw silang nagpapahinga kapag malaki-laki na yung kayamanang kanilang naipon (ninakaw sa mga kaharian). kinukumpol nila ito at hinihigaan. ang tambak ng salapi, ginto at mamahaling alahas ang kinagawang kama…

    ang tanong, magkano na kaya ang kama ni “people’s dragon” at parang nananahimik na siya at naghahanda nang matulog? 🙂

  3. Pedro, Saul at Marya – ( Redi , SING! )

    “One HUGE SCAM, it happened, “THE ARROYO” came no more And JOKER that PEOPLE’S DRAGON, he ceased his fearless roar.

    His head was bent in sorrow, (OR FEAR?? ) green scales (GUTS) fell like rain, JOKER no longer went to play, along the SENATE lane.

    Without his life-long friend (GMA?? ), JOKER could not be brave, So JOKER that PEOPLE’S DRAGON sadly sleep into his cave. Oh!

    JOKER, the PEOLPLE’S DRAGON lived by the sea
    And froliced in the autumn mist in a land called …. (ZTE??? )

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