I lied…

When you lie to your parents, you get scolded. When you lie under oath, you commit perjury and you may be imprisoned. When you lie to the public what happens to you? errrr let me rephrase When the police chief chief lies to the public what happens? He just scratches his head and smiles. No reddened cheeks of shame. No lowered eyes of humility. No apologies.

razon and his boss

Director General Avelino Razon in a press conference together with Sec. Ignacio Bunye and Sec. Lito Atienza in Malakanyang said that prior to Jun Lozada’s arrival last February 5, they have received a written request from Lozada’s sister, Carmen, for security detail. He said that the Lozada’s fear for his life, thus they asked for police protection IN WRITING. Hence, Razon argued then, how can that be called an abduction? Of course, before the Malakanyang presscon, Jun Lozada laready warned the public that while in police custody he was asked to sign documents and he did. Among these documents was the request for police protection and he also said that his sis Carmen was asked to sign a separate request by the Mascarinas.

Last night Razon was singing a different tune. He is now saying that he ordered the security detail for Lozada upon the request of Sec. Atienza and that they had no written request from Jun Lozada nor his Sister Carmen at that time. He said they only asked for the written request when Jun Lozada WAS ALREADY IN THEIR CUSTODY. He said Jun’s request was signed on Feb. 6 though it was ANTE-dated Feb. 5 and Carmen’s letter was signed Feb. 7 though it too was ante-dated Feb. 5.

What is the significance of this simple lie by the highest officer of the Philippine National Police? It shows that there indeed is a grand cover-up and that all those involved are willing to LIE to the public to tow the “official” cover story – that Lozada feared for his life and wanted to evade being hauled to the senate investigation, and that he asked for security and that the PNP (and the PSG?) only granted his and his sister’s requests and therefore there was no abduction nor kidnapping.

If Sec. Atienza asked for Lozada to be protected isn’t that a valid reason top provide police protection? I know it is. So why then would the police go through all the trouble of getting ante-dated requests from Lozada and his sister? Why would the PNP Chief need to lie in a press conference in Malakanyang? Why Gen. Razon?

Courage, Integrity, Loyalty. These are the values that your Alma Mater – the Philippine Military Academy taught you. Well you indeed had the COURAGE to lie to the public and sell your INTEGRITY to show your LOYALTY to the family of grand thieves residing in Malakanyang. What a waste! Where is your honor General?


2 Tugon

  1. i completely agree!!! The only thing that is so difficult to put together to come up with a clear picture is when the parts of the jigsaw puzzle being put together belongs to different kinds of picture… hirap ding magpakatanga ng mga may utak namang tao sa pasagot ng simpleng katanungan ngunit dahil sa cover up eh off tangent ang sagot… resign na lang sila!

  2. nakaka lungkot talaga isipin na naging talamak na ang kasinungalingan, ke pulitika ke showbiz ala ng totoo,
    sabi nga ng kanta, honesty is such a lonely word, evryone is so untrue 😦

    eh pano nmn kc, la nmn tlga napaparusahan, si lolit solis, hanggang ngaun, intrigera pa din, c miriam defensor, tawang twa at proud pa sa pagsasabi na nagsinungaling xa, c gma, she just changes her mind abt her daw ng tumakbo pa din xa sa pagka pres, kht nagsabi na xa na inde na,

    taz anjan pa ang lintek na network war na dayaan din, ano p ng aba aasahan mo, eh ang na22nan ng mga bata sa mass media p man din eh puro kasinungalingan na…

    honesty is now a “lapse policy” 😦

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