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Palace: Search for truth must involve justice, fair play. I am not sure what I felt when I read that statement. I felt like laughing out loud and grab the nearest object and throw it against the wall in disgust. Am I going crazy? All of a sudden, the very people who are too quick to hide behind the “executive privilege” (EO 464) to hide the truth are asking for fair play and justice. They kept hiding behind “executive privilege” despite it being declare unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. They will only keep on exhorting EO 464 and challenge the senators to question it in the Supreme Court at every instance. Now is that what they call justice and fair play?

Last night I also watched in utter disgust at the interview of the grandson of Benjamin “Bukol” Abalos, who in a letter reportedly expressed his hurt feelings over the way De La Salle handled the Lozada issue. The Grade VII boy and his younger sister were interviewed by the media accompanied by their parents. Is Abalos so bereft of defense that he now has to USE his grandchildren for his counter-attack? I respect the feelings of the little children and they have every right to feel the way they do. But to drag them and display them to the media is a different thing. The kid can express his feelings in a letter and make the La Salle brothers know how he feels. But please don’t use the kids for your PR campaign. The kids’ grandfather and their parents are the ones violating their rights. But well. what could you expect from a man who asked for a $130M bribe? Or the man who let Gloria, Mike Arroyo, Garci and their cohorts steal the Presidential Election in 2004 under his guard. Now is this what they call justice and fair play?

The whole top-level government machinery has been used to hide the involvement of the Arroyo family in the ZTE-NBN scam. Cabinet members, the high ranking police officers are lying through their teeth. Now they have the gall to ask for justice and fair play as if they get none. Look who is talking now. You cannot lie and hide and ask for justice and foreplay at the same time guys. When you utter the words justice and fair play, you only succeed in making them sound like COVER UP.

And guys be careful what you ask for because if JUSTICE and FAIR PLAY were the rules of the game you will be out of office and in prison.

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  1. sabi nga ni tiyo gurnakh, panyero, ang mga wala na talagang maisip na palusot… hanap damay na lang ang gagawin. “Mamatay na tayong lahat!” ang paborito nilang motto. hehehe

    *****panyero ano pa na ba ang i-expect natin sa mga mokong na yan hehehe. sa pagnanakaw sila sila lang … sa sakripisyo damay lahat ampness!!!*****

  2. KOYAAAA!!!

    WHAT: Grand EB with special guest, MAMI KENGKAY
    WHERE: Starbucks, The Podium
    WHEN: February 24, 2008, 5-5:30PM
    AGENDA: Chismax + Videoke + Picture taking + Food + Blogging 101
    Practisin nyo ang social climbing!

    Sa ELBOW ROOM po tayo mag vi-videoke. But if you have other suggestions let me know ASAP. I need to confirm your attendance para mai-reserve ko kayo ng sarili nyong silya. Yung mga sure na sasama, leave na lang po ng message. Salamat!!! Kita kits!!

    Send MAMI KENGKAY some love. Text nyo sya: 0917-601-5788

  3. sana nga matupad ang gus2 nila.. sana nga…

    *****sana nga…. at sana dalawa ang puso mo din? nyahahaha*****

  4. its awful how politics use people for their own motives. goodness, even kids? that’s terrible.

    thanks for dropping by my blog the other day!🙂

    niña, thank you for dropping by din. i like you blog :)*****

  5. Di ko na alam kung anong klaseng protesta gagawin ko sa kasalukuyang administrasyon. I wanted to fly out of this country and work for other people pero ung patriotic side ko parin ang umiiral. May isa akong choice — Wag kaya ako magbayad ng buwis??? Di ba sa buwis naman natin nila kinukuha ung kinukulimbat nila??? Kung di kaya ako magbayad ng buwis at makipagsabwatan kaya ako na okay lang na wag ako bigyan ng resibo para di na magreflect ang pahirap na 12% vat na yan??? Haay naku. I’m frustrated everytime I see my monthly payslip with all the tax deductions. Isang pamilya pa ang pwedeng buhayin ng tax na kinakaltas sa sweldo ko. Ung sweldo ko pinagkakasya ko sa isang buwan pero sila kahit kaapo-apuhan nila eh buhay na kahit di na magtrabaho. I’ve been to other countries at nakikita ko ung malaking pagkakaiba natin pero nandun pa rin ung tiwala ko na pwede rin maging progresibo ng Pilipinas. Pero I’m becoming hopeless, frustrated, disappointed –whatever the right term is, sa pwedeng kahihinatnan ng buhay dito sa Pilipinas. I’m getting married soon, pero ngayon pa lang naaawa na ako sa mga magiging anak ko. Ano kaya ang magiging future nila sa ganitong klaseng gobyerno? Wala pa akong kasagutan sa kasalukuyan. Isa lang masisiguro ko,, palalakihin ko sila na may takot sa Diyos at mamuhay ng tapat. I know this comment is too long but this is my own way of venting out my frustrations. I love this country sooo much that I can’t help but to be emotional pag naririnig ko ang kantang ang Bayan Ko, Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo (is this the right title?), Magkaisa pati na rin ang at Lupang Hinirang (corny but true). Try to listen to this songs with your eyes close, Im sure you’ll feel that surge of emotions too. Now that we’re about to celebrate Edsa 1 Revolution — sana ang mga ‘not so young’ yuppie na tulad ko eh maging mapagmatyag at magkaroon ng prinsipyo na ipaglaban kung ano ang tama at ano ang mas makakabuti sa nakakarami. I’ve said my piece. That’s about it. let’s keep Edsa 1 spirit burning. Ang bansang Pilipinas ay hindi lamang sa mga ‘piling’ tao. Ang Pilipinas ay pagmamaya-ari ng sambayang Pilipino!

    *****in my small democratic cyberspace no comment is too long. thank you for expressing and articulation your feelings and opinions.*****

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