137 Sumilao farmers arrived at around 11pm last Saturday. Their arrival brought the total number of Sumilao farmers in Manila to 144. They came down the boat in their disciplines lines chanting, . All dressed in their uniform white shirts and they were a sight to see.

I can’t wait to see them marching around Malakanyang, chanting their hearts out, shouting to their hearts content to the high heavens praying for justice, truth and their own land to till. I cant wait to see them in double file walking the streets around the palace. But I will have to wait a little longer.

The news of their arrival shook their adversaries. The lady in Malakanyang got nervous, the businessman in Ortigas panicked. They made a full turn around, suddenly became interested in the negotiations, too afraid to see the 144 farmers take their first step in the walk around Malakanyang. Maybe we are in the verge of winning. Maybe not. I am sure of one thing though, they wont like it when we begin our charge.

The Sumilao farmers will win. We will make sure we will win. They deserve their land. They deserve justice.

gary sumilao farmer

3 Tugon

  1. aba, hindi ko alam na bumalik pala sila sa maynila. salamat, panyero sa pagulat nito… dapat talagang ipaalam sa lahat ang mga ipinaglalaban ng mga magsasaka ng sumilao.

    tama ka. mananalo sila sa huli. tiyak yun!

  2. kuya selvo, i just moved to http://www.naptimerocks.com. pa-update naman ng link ko please? 🙂 if you already have, super thanks! sorry OT ha. 🙂

  3. congratz ha, u r indeed a very vital part of their victory ….

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