This blog has been on a standstill for quite a time. Maybe I am having a long bout of blogodrought (imbento ko lang na term). It does not mean though that I have been on a standstill. On the contrary my days have been heavy, my brain and my hands have written so much the past weeks that having time to write or simply taking a peek in this blog has become a luxury.

My 6-month involvement in the recently concluded Sumilao campaign has dragged me from my lazy, inactive and happy-go-lucky ways and shoved me once more smack in the middle of a world of struggling people. It made me realize that i have been emotionally detached from the struggles around me even if I find time to write about these struggles here in my blog.

I am presently involved in the struggle of yet another group of farmers. This time they are just a couple of hundred kilometers from Manila. They have almost the same story as that of the Sumilao farmers, struggling for land that has once been theirs and struggling to pry loose the grasping hands of a greedy company which is using all its powers to snatch from the poor the land that give them sustenance and hope. i amm talking about he farmers of barangays Baha and Talibayog in Calatagan, Batangas.

I met them last December when they joined the Sumilao farmers in the final leg of the latter’s 1,700-km walk from Bukidnon to Manila. I did not get to know them well because my attention was with the farmers from Sumilao. However, a week after I came back from accompanying the victorious Sumilao farmers home, I was drawn into the struggle of the Calatagan farmers. A different group of people, a different case in a different place… but the same struggle – a fight for what is just and what is right, a struggle against institutionalized greed.

This blog may be suffering from a severe drought of updates and posts…. but I am very active in another blog… CALATAGANMARCH.WORDPRESS.COM – a blog about the 300-kilometer odyssey of 55 farmers in search of justice. I invite you to visit that blog. maraming salamat.



The nomad is signing off once more….

*Photo of Manang Hilda courtesy of Dondi Tawatao

**Photo of the Calatagan March by Reggie Aquino


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