If blogs have birthdays…

If blogs have birthdays mine celebrates its first one today. A year ago, on Adee’s 10th birthday, I wrote my very first post and it was about him. After 365 days, 103 posts and 131,860 hits my blog has become what it is today – one that suffers from constant hibernation, erratic and and irregular posts. It was not always like this :).

This blog almost became synonymous with one of its controversial posts – the Mahaderang Matapobre sa mga OFWs (who would forget Ms. Malu Fernandez?). Almost one year after the article was posted the Mahaderang Matapobre still receives at least a dozen hits dailt.

For a time this blog covered controversial issues of the day – the Erap plunder case and the subsequent pardon, the ZTE deal and the political crisis that ensued when it broke out and the Sumilao farmers’ campaign.

I have not felt the passion for blogging for some months now. Maybe it is because for the past 7 months I have been focused on a couple of issues and have not really kept tab with the various events that have come to pass. Maybe I was just to lazy to write about things that interests me and share them online. Maybe I have grown more passionate about other forms of political expression that I almost forgot about the value of blogging.

I cannot promise this blog will regain the fiery passion that used to consume it. I cannot even promise that it would recover from its present state of perpetual convalescence. All I can promise is that the passion and idealism behind this blog will not fizzle out and die. and while the fire within me burns, this blog will continue to carry posts, albeit irregularly, that will express the heat of the embers burning within the author’s heart.

Happy birthday Nomadic Thoughts and may your journey continue on.

6 Tugon

  1. wow! one year naaaaaaaa!!!! blow out! blow ou! blow out!!!

    koya, kelan ka mag papa domain???

  2. happy birthday nomadic thoughts!!!!

  3. uy, happy birthday – belated na nga lang. ako nga di ko alam kung kelan bday ng blog ko e, hehehe. alam mo kung hindi mo man makita yung dating fire mo sa blogging ngayon, makikita mo ulit yon… pramis! kaya punta ulit tayo sa metrowalk, hehe

  4. happy birthday. more birthdays to come. (napaka-showbiz)

  5. nakikibati din po ako ng happy birthday sa inyong blog!

  6. psstt belated ha.. lam mo na, AWOL eh hehehe mwah mwah mwah

    ( pati na din kay adee :-* )

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