Nomadic people, also known as nomads, are communities of people that move from place to place in the deserts or winter-climated places, rather than settling down in one location. People who move from place to place who are not in the desert or winter areas are called gypsies. Many cultures have been traditionally nomadic, but traditional nomadic behavior is increasingly rare in industrialized countries. There are three kinds of nomads, hunter-gatherers, pastoral nomads, and peripatetic nomads. Nomadic hunter-gatherers have by far the longest-lived subsistence method in human history, following seasonally available wild plants and game. Pastoralists raise herds and move with them so as not to deplete pasture beyond recovery in any one area. Peripatetic nomads are more common in industrialized nations traveling from place to place offering a trade wherever they go.


Adee & me

I’m Josel E. Gonzales, an activist who shares the dreams and vision of AKBAYAN Citizen’s Action Party. I come from a humble family that moved around a lot to find greener pastures. For the last 20 years I have been working with the different communities of the working people helping them assert their rights, claim their rightful share in the fruits of their labor. I am a nomad of sorts, moving around different causes and issues. I will continue to roam until I will make my home in a society that is just, peaceful and prosperous.




35 Tugon

  1. di ko alam kung san ko pedeng ipost toh eh.. so dito na lang.. hehe.. (ayos din excuse ko eh noh!)

    makikipalit-link lang.. harhar. ^_^

  2. ok na po.. na-add ko na πŸ˜€ salamat

  3. Hay naku kakosa, dito na lang ako magko comment tungkol dun sa “lechon” na may Luis Vuitton… Pero yung galit ko is beyond words so hindi ko rin ma express ng maayos. Sa tingin ko, she’s SICK. And I feel sorry for her co’z she’s definitely a poor excuse for a human being. Yun lang.

    Anyway, it’s nice to be here again. Your blog is getting better and better. We want more! And ngayon pa lang, winewelcome na kita sa Palaban… πŸ™‚

  4. hahaha kosa my officemate is preparing an excerpt of many other things she wrote about herself and other people including mga ibang comments pa nya sa mga OFWs. wait mo lang kelan nya to maupload lalagay ko link dito

  5. panyero, i TAGGED you! see http://taroogs.wordpress.com/2007/08/14/tagging-und-all-dat-jazz/ for more details πŸ™‚

  6. i just saw the “blog” regarding MAHADERANG MATAPOBRE SA OFWS…it’s really sad to think na it would be your fellow kababayan who would put down our OFW’s. I guess that writer thinks sya lang ang may karapatan sa mundong ito.

    I was thinking that the reason that the economy seat in that airline is so small is because she has an enormous butt? Anyways, i had the chance to browse the website. Very interesting. How can i be a member? Anyone, help pls….

  7. Sadyang may mga taong ganyan.Kapag nakakaluwag sa buhay nakalimutan na ang sariling lahi’t pinanggalingan. Kaya pabayaan nyo na tataas lang presyon ninyo.I guess she doesn’t have an inch of idea of what is being an OFW. What a breeding ! and unworthy of emulation.

  8. ako naman, curious, kala ko si selvo eh girl!

    Siya, palit link tyo, hehehe.Unless puno na link page mo.
    Ty sa bahay visits!

  9. Hindi ba naiwan yung comment ko dito? haha. anyway, i tried leaving a comment asking if you wanted to go to ANC. I heard you got booked na, so see you there.

  10. ang tawag d2 sa middle east sa mga nomads ay “bedouin” or sa arabic dialect ay (بدو )

    sanay po ay makatulong etong post ko

  11. SOrry po!!!:)

  12. bagong bihis, bagong buhay, bagong chapter.. πŸ˜€
    i like this new theme, neat and clean and smells virgin lols

  13. Hi josel πŸ˜‰ nice blog. keep on blogging. Have a nice day!

  14. //banana// sana nga bagong kabanata na. thanks sa opinio sa bagong bihis ng blog ko

    //dYu// salamat sa pagbisita… thanks for the pingback also..

  15. hi selvo…Spanky Enriquez and I are trying to organize something on the MF issue…can you send me your email address so we can include you in the discussion loop


  16. hurot na akong bilib. mabuhay ko kay amigo ta ka!

  17. hi syat hehehe salamat sa pagbisita.. muah!

  18. hi selvo! care to exchange links? nakikita kita sa WPP Forum pero bihira kasi akong pumupunta doon lately… at tuwing nagagawi ako doon, wala din naman akong nadadatnan sa inyo. so far, si Jovi pa lang talaga ang naka YM ko.

    i’m adding you to my blogroll… πŸ™‚

  19. naka-add ka na sa roll ko jun… salamat sa pag add din sa akin… selvo2003 ang ym id ko if you like to add me din sa YM

  20. kuya, ang galeng mo….

    bihira lang talaga ang kagaya mo na nkikipaglaban para sa kapwa nya pilipino… & for that saludo tlaga ako sa u kuya… grabe. keep it up!

  21. thank you sa pag-welcome sa akin sa club ng mga binobola ni maru.hehehe..link exchange tayo. link na kita… πŸ™‚

    //jeckass// hehehe… oist joke lang yun. salamat sa pagbisita ayun add na kita….

  22. salamat sa pagdaan sa blagsayt ko..

    gusto ko ang tema ng blag mo, kudos para sa iyo ginoong selvo! add kita sa blagrol ko! πŸ™‚

  23. Kuya! I lab your site! galing! Salamat po sa pag add ah.. add na din kita

    *Link* ayan tapos na.. πŸ˜€

  24. hi kuya πŸ™‚ gusto ko po yung leader nyo na si ms risa hontiveros ehehe kala ko dati sister lang sya nung newcaster na si pia hontiveros pero nakita ko sya dati sa mga debate at sa mga rally.. at leader pala sya ng akbayan.. ang galing nya! astig talaga! πŸ˜€ .. keep doing what ur doing po πŸ˜€

  25. hi..nice blog with very rich content. I will add you in my blogroll later πŸ™‚

  26. yup wonderful blog! super dami ng topics at very informative pa.. keep it up!!

  27. salamat po sa pagbisita.

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  29. wow nice blog ha,, di ko alam me ganito pala .. anyweys x link tayo…

    *****sure po… adding you in 2 mins*****

  30. selvi dirrrrr — belated happy berdey! mwah mwah mwah

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  32. Pasyal lang po….

  33. tol kung medyo naerehes naka , no problem, daghan na ta, visita pud panagsa sa among tapukan


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